The Different Types Of Printing Techniques

There a number of techniques for printing. Technology has just become better. At first, there were impact printers that had to actually touch the surface area while printing. So now we’ve noninfluence printers and printing techniques where no direct contact is needed between the mechanism and area. Let us learn more about the various printing processes.

Counterbalance Printing:

This type of printing is very affordable and popular. Set up time is restricted and mass production of the paper, magazines and also flyers is faster and quicker. Here the content and pictures are transferred first onto metal plates then onto rubber cylinders. The printing procedure begins and rubber cylinders balanced out the content onto the paper. It’s also known as lithography.


Flex is a unique surface that is thicker compared to paper. The composition differs too. Flex is utilized for signages too. Flexography is the printing procedure for this flex surface. This method can also be utilized for printing another issue and labels on bottles plus cardboard boxes.

PrintersElectronic Printing:

It is the electronic age so we’ve to have digital printing too! It’s rapidly replacing offset printing as probably the most preferred printing process as it’s fast and cost-effective. Others think that the caliber of electronic printing isn’t as great as for offset but with new devices and designing program, it is all changing. Think of electronic printing like a message. You require plates, cylinders or films for offset printing. In digital printing, the substance that is required to be printed is accessed from the pc and printed as a message.


Gutenberg’s brainchild, this’s regarded as the initial printing method. It’s become obsolete but well worth a mention since it paved the means for relief printing. In the help page, the picture or maybe text which has been printed is elevated from the core surface. Envelope Printers are also something businesses look into nowadays for better clientele.

Gravure Printing:

The gravure printing particularly designed copper plates are utilized to obtain the job finished. Needless to point out, the expense of printing does go up. It can help in printing videos which happen to have a continuous tone along with other effects rather like a photograph. This printing strategy is employed for special effects needed by printers, magazines, newspapers and excellent cards. The National Geographic magazine utilizes this method for printing.


All of us understand what engraving is. Engraving used to be completed manually on many surfaces like metal and wood. Nowadays we’ve lasers doing things for us. Frequently used for invitation cards and also letterheads. The last result is the fact that associated with a unique indentation.

Display screen Printing:

In this printing process, unique screens are made from various other materials or maybe silk to make the required result and finish. Screen printing is performed on various surfaces as ceramics, stained – different types and tees of paper. The very best option is to obtain a quality printer who is going to answer all your queries and enable you to get the best benefits.