Why is Angus Beef So Popular?

Angus is one of the most common and sought after breeding cattle in the world. Their popularity is because of the high profit margin that Angus can achieve in comparison to other breeds of cattle. Here are seven reasons why this type of beef is the most popular:

1. Market demand

Angus is commonly found in the retail environment as well as the food industry and is the preference of exporters. The Angus females are popular within breeding grounds and livestock farming business. The Angus males are also in rather high demand among these breeders in order to maintain their livestock.

2. Market diversity

Angus is widely known for it’s great market diversity. They have the ability to grow to rather large sizes while still maintaining minimal fat. If needed they can also maintain lower weights because of the excellent carcass quality. They feature high-quality muscle tissue and moderate fat marbling which makes for a great cut of beef.

3. Superior Fertility

Angus females reach puberty rather early, and they can breed in a healthy manner into older age. Angus has a reputation for maintaining high fertility even in difficult seasonal conditions. Angus cows are excellent mothers with good milking ability. Overall they are a relatively low maintenance live-stock.

4. Meat quality

Angus are known around the world for their ability to produce the best beef of the highest quality. The superior meat quality of Angus cattle is based on their ability to discontinue intraceramic marbling fat (taste) during the final phase, along with excellent tenderness, texture, taste, meat colour and fat colour.

5. Performance

Angus is found in all regions of the world with cold temperatures and variable seasons to the swampy conditions during wet winters. Angus are also found in hot and dry conditions in central and northern parts of the world. Angus cows are tough enough to take care of their calves, and still return in dry, harsher climates.

6. Best All Round

One of Angus’s most important features is the enormous balance of very fertile, productive females and high quality carcasses, which are suitable for a variety of markets. Angus are used in cross-breeding programs because of their maternal abilities, market value, carcass quality, as well as their growth and resilience.

7. Best Gene Pool

Angus cattle are bred on all continents of the world. The large number of Angus animals provides an immense supply of available and the genetic makeup that allow them to breed regardless of commercial demands. Angus breeders have successfully used bloodlines from many countries.