Works of Art – Western Gun Holsters

I was raised in the mountains of Pennsylvania. The lifestyle, during my first years, guns that are involved. We hunted with guns, practiced with guns, and also did a great deal of goal shooting. I remember visiting shooting competitions with my Grandfather and Dad, they were wearing some kind of Belly Band Holster, and we had a lot of fun.

It was at among the tournaments, I have my very first looks of a genuine western like gun belt and holster. I’d seen a great deal of the existing cowboy movies. Those cowboy stars most had gun belts along with holsters, though it had been at the shooting competition which I have my 1st close up look at just one. I was truly pleased. I cannot recall what the gun browsed like, but that gun belt, as well as the holster, made a huge impression on me. It was truly fancy and had gorgeous carvings on it.

Well, 50 years have rolled by and I nonetheless love to visit an excellent western gun belt. I’ve read through posts about our Presidents providing American made leather-based gun belts as well as fancily carved holsters as gifts to various other heads of state. These gifts were considered quite beneficial by the recipients. They thought Americans were most cowboys anyway. It’s correct, our Great Nation, has had rather a love affair with guns.

When you believe or even find out about the 1820’s and just how our ancestors were living, you are able to realize exactly how important their guns were to them. Now nearly all families back then didn’t have hand carved holsters dangling off a peg alongside the front door. They did have quality leather belts along with holsters.

Before, they got holsters for their guns from tiny businesses which made everything to order. Things have not changed a lot since then. Today right here we’re in 2011 and you can find little businesses creating gun holsters to order. The important difference is the fact that these people are genuinely masters and artists of their trade.

I’ve spotted beautiful works of art actually being made in little more than a family garage. The quality and craftsmanship truly fill me with satisfaction. These females and males have discovered their trade from their fathers and also have continued making lovely leather products in their lives.

If you think these little town companies are behind the occasions and do not know a lot about business, you’re truly missing the entire idea. Each one of this handmade and quality works of art isn’t cheaply produced. I’ve noticed a double drop loop cartridge belt and 2 hands carved holsters offer for more than $1,000.00.

You are able to still find several of the large companies out there marketing their stamped out leather a great deal more affordable. But in case you wish to find a thing of beauty and also the mark associated with a one-of-a-kind carving by a genuine American Master, they’re in the little stores and garages all around this nation.